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Stickers eyes

Stickers eyes

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Waaaaa O_o, want to be funny? Want yo give your gift that special extra? With these funny and cute eye stickers thats a sure success! You can put them everywhere you want and a smile on your customers face is guaranteed! There is no limit to your imagination!! They come in 3 different sizes, so it fits your gift (or any other creation) perfect! Have fun and remember to always smile!

Available designs and sizes

Colours Productcode Product Stock Aantal Price (Excl VAT)
39KD004 Stickers eyes largeStickers eyes large
25 mm - 200 pcs / 100 sets
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39KD003 Stickers eyes mediumStickers eyes medium
20 mm - 200 pcs / 100 sets
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39KD002 Stickers eyes smallStickers eyes small
15 mm - 200 pcs / 100 sets
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