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Bubble Envelopes Rust

Bubble Envelopes Rust

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Yay! Finally! Our brand new bubble envelopes! Now you can ship your fragile goods a bit more safe! You can decorate these envelopes with our stickers or some nice masking tape! These envelopes come in 3 sizes. Available in 3 new colours Rust, Nude and Black

Available designs and sizes

Colours Productcode Product Stock Aantal Price (Excl VAT)
27DC024 Bubbel enveloppen rust largeBubbel enveloppen rust large
37x48+5 cm 50 pcs
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27DC023 Bubbel enveloppen rust mediumBubbel enveloppen rust medium
32x45,5+5 cm 50 stuks
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27DC022 Bubbel enveloppen rust smallBubbel enveloppen rust small
25x32+5 cm 100 pcs
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