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Blockbottom Pouch Black

Blockbottom Pouch Black

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These blockbottom pouches are a musthave this season. Easy to use and thanks to the matt black paper, it looks super sleek too! Want to make it even better? You can customize these pouches with your own logo. Just send an email to

Available designs and sizes

Colours Productcode Product Stock Aantal Price (Excl VAT)
13MC001 Blockbottom Pouch BlackBlokbodem Zakken Zwart
22,5 x 10 x 37 cm - 100 stuks
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13MC003 Blockbottom Pouch BlackBlockbottom Pouch Black
42 x 14 x 63 cm - 100 pcs
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13MC002 Blokbodem Zakken ZwartBlockbottom Pouch Black
36 x 12 x 52 cm - 100 pcs
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